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Website Graphics

Badly made graphics can spoil a business website, particularly travel related sites.

Visit a selection of travel related websites (accommodation sites in particular) and you are likely to see good quality images on some and poor quality images on others - which would you visit?

Many people living in rural areas still do not have broadband internet connections, so if your website pages are slow to load and the images are poor quality you may lose customers.

There is no reason for this to happen, if you start with good quality images you are halfway there and with a little work they can be transformed to look better and load quickly.

The key point with images is to make sure they are properly edited and optimised for website use. When done properly this improves image quality and can reduce the file size by up to 80%. That makes the images load much more quickly.

Examples of before and after image compression.

Below are two of our images of the type we supply for use in travel related websites to provide information about the surrounding area.

The images open in pop-up windows when you click on the links. The first one will be slow to load, you will see the difference in loading speed when you open the second one. (This will be less noticable with a broadband connection)

Example 1

In this example the 'before' image is straight from the camera while the 'after' image has had colour, contrast and sharpness adjusted, been straightened and has been compressed in file size:

Berwick Bridges

Image before editing and compression (168,000 bytes) - Click Here

Image after editing and compression (75,100 bytes) - Click Here


Example 2

In this example the image needed no editing but the 'after' image has been compressed in file size to speed up loading:

Druridge Bay

Image before compression (50,819 bytes) - Click Here

Image after compression (11,576 bytes) - Click Here


We can properly optimize your website graphics for a good balance between quality and speed of loading.

Click here to send details of your requirements.


Logo Design

Do you need a logo or banner for your website?

If you are developing a website you may already have a logo that you use on letterheads etc. However, it may not be possible to reproduce it in a suitable quality and format for website use.

Scanning from letterheads doesn't always produce a logo that is high quality. Making one from scratch will - in most cases your logo can be reproduced as a high quality web graphic .

If you don't have a logo or want something different to use on your website a new one can be developed for you.

Here are some sample logo formats, please use our enquiry form if you would like a quotation for your logo.



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